V1.40 January 2017



New Features

* Virtual Soundcheck mode
* DCA spills
* Dyn8 insert-able dynamic engine
* DEEP Processing Peak Limiter 76
* Multistage ducking
* Dimension Chorus effect
* 3 screen view on VGA output
* Support of dLive C Class products and fibreACE audio networking card  


* Several improvements to dLive Director including addition of strip rotary controls, option to undock the TouchScreen window, support of User Profiles and User Permissions.
* The source point for the Surface LED meters can now be selected.
* PSU status and gigaACE redundancy link status for the Surface and MixRack are now displayed in the Home screen. ( demande de SNO TECHNIQUE )
* New M-MADI options to ignore stream errors, allowing wider compatibility with third parties.
* Simplified event logs displaying history notifications only.
* Analogue insert returns now compensate for the +4dBu nominal level on output XLR.
* Resetting Preamp or Compressor no longer resets the model type.
* Main channels are now automatically renamed after a Main bus configuration change.
* The bank selection in Strip Assign now follows the Surface bank selection.
* Improved drag and drop behaviour of Custom strip setup in dLive MixPad.
* Addition of third Custom strip to dLive MixPad.


ID2419 Performing a Firmware Update while dLive Director was connected to the Mixrack could cause the update to fail.
ID885 Disconnecting a screen from the Surface VGA port while dLive was running could cause the left touchscreen to stop working.
ID533 Changing GEQ type could sometimes generate low frequency noise.
ID3444 Delay settings could be erroneously displayed after a bus configuration change.
ID3009 Assigning a de-esser to the Soft Rotaries would generate errors.
ID2916 IP Controllers connected to the Surface could sometimes cause subtle meter lag.

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Bienvenue à la nouvelle Allen & Heath Dlive S7000  

C'est fois elle est bien là en version 36 faders S7000 , avec son rack 64 in 32 out , ces cartes Dante et Wave3 

De toutes les  consoles de notre parc,  jamais une telle console n'avait fait autant  l' unanimité auprès  des ingénieurs  du son  .



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Dlive Firmware 1.6   

 Allen & Heath has released firmware V1.6, code name Fistral, for its flagship dLive mixing system. Their biggest release yet, V1.6 adds powerful Automatic Mic Mixer (AMM) features, Multi-Surface capability, support for a range of new installation hardware, and new DEEP processing models.

dLive’s new advanced AMM can handle up to 64 microphones, with the facility to assign mics to 4 different AMM configurations when running multiple conference rooms or panel discussions. The system offers two distinct AMM modes: classic gain sharing and a Number of Open Mics (NOM) algorithm.

Multi-Surface capability with gain tracking allows up to four independent dLive Surfaces to control a single MixRack, opening new possibilities for installed and touring systems, including FoH / Monitor splits, sidecar mixing and Surface redundancy. V1.6 also adds support for the recently launched range of dLive hardware for installed sound, including the ultra-compact DM0 MixRack, GPIO interface, IP1 wallplate controller and new DX expanders, hubs and modules for flexible I/O distribution. The new firmware also enables Internet access to dLive systems for remote control and diagnostics.

La voilà ,
la version majeure 1.6 du firmware de la DLive .
Le partage des preampli avec la compensation de gain en multi partage ,  l'auto mix ,  de nouveaux plugins  de préampli à lampe, et compresseur